Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Branthachalam Temple - 8kms from Valanchery - My First Blog Dedicated to my Uncle Dr.Hari Mohan

It was indeed a very wonderful trip...visit to the famous Branthachalam Temple - the chief dwelling place of Naranath Brandhan located 2kms west from Rayiranellur Mountain. It was quite unexpected that we made a visit to this place.We were on our way to Calicut from Pattambi when suddenly our driver suggested a visit to this place. We agreed to his idea and proceeded as it was on the way. We reached the place and ohhhh gosh !! was really taken aback by the charm and beauty of the place. It is a huge rock of more than 40ft height in an area of 3 acres. On reaching there we saw sixty three steps carved on it. Would u believe it we set about our journey with great vigour. No signs of tiredness affected us while climbing even though it was at the peak of noon. 'Lo and Behold' at last we reached the heights and standing on the rock we could enjoy the real beauty of nature. We could see the temples of Shiva and Devi on the top. We saw the Kanjira Tree with the chain on it where Naranath Brandhan was tied up. This was beside the Shiva Shrine. We took snaps from there. To add to the beauty of the place we found little ponds here and there. It is believed that these ponds were built by Naranath Brandhan in a single night and even at the peak of summer these ponds dont get dried up. The water was fresh and green in colour. My son Pranav enjoyed throwing stones into it. We went about here and there exploring every corner of the place n started to step down the hill. Woww it was a great task..My daughter pooja n myself -we thoroughly enjoyed even though we started feeling dizzy at the end. All of us were in total happiness. We were heading towards our car when suddenly some local ladies came to the scene and informed us about the caves situated at a walking distance and it is a must- see. Again we set out n reached the destination. The three caves like rooms on the black rock are also said to be built by Naranath Brandhan. We were also touched by the hospitality of the folks in that area. The trip was worthwhile and it was a real adventure on the whole. My family and me truly enjoyed every bit of the journey.


  1. wow!! the ice is broken now!! sandhu's first ever blog finally took off, that too in style!! and me the privileged one is marking the first comment on her page here; i really feel as though i'm penning the foreword to the work of a seasoned writer; it is not the occasion to scrunitise the quality of her writing, to see if the threads are evenly weaved or not; but to rejoice and to motivate her to go for the extra mile to reach the creative eternity...well done sandhu!!

  2. dear sandhya ,
    could open facebook only now and liked your first post a lot ,you are a natural blogger ,written very well with good images ,it was intresting and informative makes us all want to be there once ,that is the secret of any travelogue ,happy i was part of your blog all the best

  3. I could describe this blog in just two words ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING!!!!!! I never expected this much!!!! All the pics are awesome sandhya ammayi and the travelogue was simply one of the best i have ever read!! Superb work sandhya ammayi


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