Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Daddy-The Worlds Best Dad

It was a real shock to me when i received a call from dad on December 28th 2006 informing me that he was going to be hospitalized very soon coz of his Diabetic Foot. He seemed very helpless. The usual strength and confidence in his talks were all worn off. On January 10th he was admitted to Baby Memorial Hospital in Calicut. The doctors had also diagnosed acute ischemic heart disease. I started preparing myself to face the worst and i knew it would happen too. I realized that the time has finally come for me to leave everything and stay beside my aged parents and be a support for them till their end. I resigned my job in Abu Dhabi which was really hard, went to school to get assistance from the teachers so that my daughter pooja could prepare for the upcoming final exam. Finally the day arrived. I bid goodbye to everyone with a heavy heart but at one point i was very happy coz i would be with my parents who really needed me. On January 19th 2007 we boarded the Air India Flight to Calicut. We landed at Calicut Airport around late evening and headed to the hospital. I couldnt believe my eyes- there was my dad in the hospital bed waiting eagerly to be comforted by me. He looked very weak, his expression saddening- after all he knew it were his last days...but i took a brave front n sat beside him trying to change the whole tensed atmosphere talking about my office and cracking some jokes and giving him all confidence that he would be alright soon. But at heart i was mind kept on reminding me that i would lose my dad soon. I met with the doctors who were treating him but never got a green signal. The only consolation they gave me was to be with him always and make him happy. Mom was also preparing herself to face the ordeal. It was a real difficult task for me to act courageous. But i had to. Our stay in the hospital was in vain. We finally decided to take him home. So on Feb 10th 2007 we took permission from the doctors to take dad home on our risk. On reaching home i found dad as happy as he used to be before. But matters soon changed. He couldnt talk but only cry and wrote on a piece of paper that he was going to die. His hands were shivering. His eyes kept on watering. Probably he knew it..the feeling that he was going to leave all his loved ones behind troubled him..On that fateful day Feb 14th 2007 ( Thiruvilwamala Ekadashi) around 7.30am as though like a premonition i felt something and decided to go to a temple which was nearby "Azhakodi Devi Kshetram". Prayed hard for my dad. I reached back home around 8.30 and went straight to him. I knew he had already entered a new world..i called him for few minutes and then he suddenly turned his head towards me, his eyes wide open, struggling to say something but couldnt..that moment i put the "prasadam" on his forehead and comforted him..he acknowledged my act by nodding his head with a pale smile and closed his eyes forever. My heart was crying, my feet weighed a ton and was shivering, but i had to take courage and pull out the small telephone book and inform all relatives that my dad is no more.
Ohh Dad , the last days of watching you die was so hard. Your little girl cant bear it dad. But I am so glad that i got to spent those last days with you. Mom she misses you soo much. You were a tremendous part of her life.

Daddy I really miss you, I love you and I really hope you are in a better place and happy. I want to talk to you, I want to lie on your shoulder, I want to hear your voice and tell you how we all are doing. There is lots to share with you since you left. I miss your " Safe Landing Dear" whenever i was about to board a flight. I miss ur sweet kisses whenever i used to step out of the home whether it was to office or to the neighbouring place. I miss your comforting words when i really needed them, the jokes we used to crack and laugh as though it was our last day..I miss each and everything of urs dear dad. You have greatly influenced me.. You lived and showed me how to live. You were a source of strength and support for me. Why Why Why? Why did u leave me and go. This is such a hard time of my life. Your death was a very difficult experience for me and continues to be. Please be with me always and help me move on. Please watch over me. I need u dear dad. I never realized how hard it would be without you. Dear Dad thanks for always being a great dad.
"The Greatest Gift I ever had, came from god and I call him Dad" that was him- V. Sreedhar -( otherwise known as Valliyil Babyattan" the karanavar of the famous Valliyil Tharavad- Parappanangadi)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Branthachalam Temple - 8kms from Valanchery - My First Blog Dedicated to my Uncle Dr.Hari Mohan

It was indeed a very wonderful trip...visit to the famous Branthachalam Temple - the chief dwelling place of Naranath Brandhan located 2kms west from Rayiranellur Mountain. It was quite unexpected that we made a visit to this place.We were on our way to Calicut from Pattambi when suddenly our driver suggested a visit to this place. We agreed to his idea and proceeded as it was on the way. We reached the place and ohhhh gosh !! was really taken aback by the charm and beauty of the place. It is a huge rock of more than 40ft height in an area of 3 acres. On reaching there we saw sixty three steps carved on it. Would u believe it we set about our journey with great vigour. No signs of tiredness affected us while climbing even though it was at the peak of noon. 'Lo and Behold' at last we reached the heights and standing on the rock we could enjoy the real beauty of nature. We could see the temples of Shiva and Devi on the top. We saw the Kanjira Tree with the chain on it where Naranath Brandhan was tied up. This was beside the Shiva Shrine. We took snaps from there. To add to the beauty of the place we found little ponds here and there. It is believed that these ponds were built by Naranath Brandhan in a single night and even at the peak of summer these ponds dont get dried up. The water was fresh and green in colour. My son Pranav enjoyed throwing stones into it. We went about here and there exploring every corner of the place n started to step down the hill. Woww it was a great task..My daughter pooja n myself -we thoroughly enjoyed even though we started feeling dizzy at the end. All of us were in total happiness. We were heading towards our car when suddenly some local ladies came to the scene and informed us about the caves situated at a walking distance and it is a must- see. Again we set out n reached the destination. The three caves like rooms on the black rock are also said to be built by Naranath Brandhan. We were also touched by the hospitality of the folks in that area. The trip was worthwhile and it was a real adventure on the whole. My family and me truly enjoyed every bit of the journey.